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'The Perfect Blend' Blender Kitchen Timer Favor Pre Packed

Personalised Design


20 Pieces - 100 Pieces $ 2.90 / Piece
101 Pieces - 200 Pieces $ 2.50 / Piece
201 Pieces - 300 Pieces $ 2.30 / Piece
301 Pieces - 1000 Pieces $ 2.20 / Piece


$ 2.90

Personalised Name Tag / 0.90c each


Product & Product Selections:

When two hearts blend together, pulses race. Stir up some excitement at your wedding reception with these fun kitchen timers designed to look like a miniature blender! Our silver and clear, high quality plastic favors include an on/off switch at the base and a pop-out top. The blender twists between the jar and the base to set the timer, using imprinted black numbers between one and sixty. Each favor measures 4 1/4" by 2 1/4" by 2 3/4", and is packaged in a showcase gift box with black and white checkerboard background and an authentic looking outlet for the blender to plug in! Each favor is finished with a sheer white organza bow.

If you wish to have Personalised Labels or Bomboniere Cards please be sure to select Yes Please from the Include Personalised Designs Bomboniere Cards & please select the design number from Personalised Designs Bomboniere Cards on the right tabs. You can view the personalised designs in the above tab.

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Product Turnaround Time:

Once you submit your order, we will liaise with you to organise the best time frame according to your specification.

Please Note Before You Order:

We highly recommend ordering an extra 10 Bomboniere. Reordering at a later stage will be treated as a new order, and no volume discounts will apply.

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